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Welcome to Capitol Communications, Inc.

Thank you for choosing Capitol Communications, Inc., the premier telecommunications contractor in Southeast Wyoming for commercial phone and data network services and installation. As the largest telecommunications company in Wyoming, Capitol Communications, Inc. offers unparalleled knowledge of a variety of phone systems, quick and accurate service, and complete solutions to any of your telecommunications needs.

Capitol Communications, Inc. we pride ourselves on our local, fast and available service. We strive to keep your data network and telecommunications systems up and running so your business keeps running. Local service means extra protection for your valuable investment. Time is money for your business. If you are losing time with an inefficient or inoperable phone or data network, you are losing money! Our BICSI affiliated technicians are second to none and with a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) on site you can be sure that your data center will be built to telecommunications industry standards.

Isn’t it time you called on us to see what Capitol Communications, Inc. can do for you?

The New TIA-1179 Healthcare Standard, Advanced Technologies and IP Convergence Demand More Bandwidth for Network Cabling Infrastructures in Today’s Healthcare Facilities

In recent years, the healthcare industry has become considerably competitive, challenging facilities to improve the quality of care by replacing or upgrading outdated spaces and expanding services. As information surrounding medical procedures, policies and practices becomes widely available via the Internet and other mass media entities, consumers are becoming empowered to make their own healthcare choices. Today’s patients demand:

• Faster medical response with reduced waiting times
• Information accuracy, delivery and availability
• Safe, secure hospital stays with all the comforts of home
• State-of-the-art procedures for improved results, reduced pain and faster recovery
• Digital access to the latest medical information and results

Improving the quality of care to meet consumer demands is compounded by longer life expectancy, increased chronic disease, an aging population and the administration expenses of complying with the latest healthcare codes and regulations. This has caused healthcare costs to steadily rise for several years. Healthcare costs account for more than 17% of the U.S Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and more than 10% of the Canadian GDP, and U.S. healthcare costs are expected to reach 19.3% by 2019.

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